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About us

The ITIAN Club is a technology based club created in 2021. The club is open to all students who are interested in technology and its application in the real world. The club provides a platform for students to learn about various aspects of technology and its application. The club also organizes various events and workshops related to technology.


The Itan club is a technology-based club that offers its members many opportunities to learn more about themselves, their goals, and their strengths. Software and technology skills are essential, but "people skills" – the skills that allow us to effectively interact with others – are also important. When you become part of our club, we not only teach you these skills, but also help you to broaden and improve those you already have. We also show you how to work well with a team and how to improve your team-working skills. All of the members of our club are very friendly and humble. They are always willing and able to help each other. If you are interested in doing new and exciting things, based on technology, and you want to meet other like-minded people, this club is for you. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!



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