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ITIAN CLUB in collaboration with GDG💣 brings you a workshop on Understanding and exploring Firebase Hosting 🤩📍Last chance to experience the production-grade web content hosting.🌟Lets interact and indulge ourselves with a new aspect about learning with GDG,Ludhiana.

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Bug Bounty Hunter

brings to you a competition and workshop based on finding vulnerabilities in certain software. Bug Bounty programs provide great benefits for speed, creativity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The purpose of Bug Bounty program is to test the security of companies’ digital assets. The vulnerabilities that emerged with the Bug Bounty hunt are eliminated, resulting in more robust and secure software.

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Front-End Bakers

ITIAN CLUB, GNDEC*🔗 brings to you🔅A curated collection of UI/UX to inspire you and spark new ideas in your design process.Participants will be asked to make a UI/UX interface page for an app, the theme for which will begiven to them on the spot. This competition is to encourage participants to think out of the box and to explore their creativity. This competition also promotes the field of UI/UX and for participants to understand more about it.

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Teacher`s Day

We hold a high appreciation for teachers and gurus 👩🏫👨🏫for their unselfish contributions to our educational process😇The September 5 is observed as Teachers’ Day in India. An event was held to appreciate and recognise the extraordinary contribution❤️ teachers make to our lives by ITIAN CLUB GNDEC.We show our gratitude to teachere today and forever. 🪐

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Plant your dreams in right soil, they will prosper themselves with the good surroundings, just with right water consistency😊Similarly goals of students are achieved when best guidance is provided.😇💯And our Information Technology offers the same, we are, by and for our students always.Always guiding and interacting our students timely for healthy relationships❤️❤️

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